JunoFlo is now SayHi

An innovative digital services company

Innovative Digital Services for Mobile Network Operators to recruit customers at scale.

Scalable solutions for mobile operators

We partner with Mobile Operators to drive customer acquisition across multiple channels within a strict POPI and GDPR framework.

Opt-in audience

We help our partners build opted in customer audiences with high product affiliation.

Product & campaign

SayHi provides a dedicated campaign team with deep knowledge of profitable digital services execution

Fully automated
billing systems

SayHi operates a proprietary system allowing secure management of audience data, and seamless connection to connectivity and billing systems.

reporting suite

AVM reporting is a complex combination of live ROI monitoring and retrospective meta-data analysis.

Are you a Digital Services & Content producer?

Acquire subscribers at scale

Our POPI and GDPR compliant data assets give our product partners access to large audiences. We offer a turnkey suite of campaign tools to monetise our audience through a multi-channel footprint.


Product partners


Mobile users


POPI compliant

SayHi offers a dynamic stable of Digital Services designed to monetise audiences mobile audiences. We are always ready to work with new content providers and audience owners wishing to find new avenues to generate revenue.